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STRIAE PLUS® with Regenetrol Complex® Stretch Mark Cream

Emerge from the shadows of self-consciousness. In four to six weeks, this intensive cellular level treatment cream refines and transforms stretch marks from pregnancy, weight loss, or weight gain into smooth, healthy skin. A patented product with careful double-blind controlled studies and significant use in hundreds of thousands of stretch mark cases.

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Infuse skin with unprecedented moisture, tone and a noticeably more youthful and dewy look. Bioengineered with patented Regentrol®, this hyper-powered treatment may also be used before and after any invasive cosmetic or medical procedure to reduce recovery period, boost skin’s resiliency and raise skins moisture levels while improving texture.

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FIRM INTERVENTION Eye-Tightening Cream

Lift, tighten, mend and reduce dark circles while radically reducing the appearance of chronic puffiness under the eye. This is an intensive, specialized care intervention treatment.

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NECESSITY Ultimate Antioxidant Vitamin Infusion

Use daily to speed cell turnover, rebuild skin’s health and radically amp up the appearance of vitality. A small amount of this unprecedented antioxidant treatment cream exceptionally rich in Vitamins A and C is also essential prior to and following any cosmetic facial procedure or laser surgery to stimulate, nourish, rebuild collagen, hasten healing and prolong the rejuvenating results.

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L’ARC® Regeneration Night Cream

An intense, unparalleled performance treatment. Outrageously on target. This power packed cream reaches its deep yet and ultimate destination on contact. Collagen boosting, marine bio-peptide technology raises the performance bar skywards. The result: enviably privileged skin that radiates sexuality and quiet glamour. Pairing lightening, tightening and brightening with a translucent soft sheen, this multi-faceted, densely creamy treatment cream releases skin from years of dullness and virtually resets the skins natural vitality for unprecedented clarity.

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PENETRATING WASH Balancing Cleanser

A meaningful cleanser to reawaken, tone and boost the skin’s renewal cycle. Enhances and prolongs the rejuvenating effects of treatment when used prior to and after dermabrasion, dermaplaning or Fraxyl procedures. (Used consistently, this unique skin reviving wash can also be used to diminish the ravages of rosacea.)

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BOOSTER SHOT Skin Lifting Serum

Quickly boost those areas of your skin needing an ultra potent and immediate lift and fill. Or, use this intensive micro-emulsion of peptide technology daily both before and after Botox injections to reinforce and prolong the plumping and smoothing effects.

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BRIGHTEN UP Ko-Sal Bleach Gel

Wake up skin cells with a quick, rejuvenating fix that enhances the color and brightness of your skin. Regular use eradicates dullness and resets the skin’s sheen and vitality. This treatment is also effective for melasma, skin discolorations or photo aging on the face, chest and hands.

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Moy Skin Care Kit

The kit includes: Balancing Cleanser, Renewal Creme, Skin Lifting Serum and Ultimate Antioxidant Vitamin Infusion.


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